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September 11 2022


Congratulations to Etienne Lavoie with Kickapoo's Samuel Adams who finished 8th in the Purina Endurance Classic that took place in Montana

August 28 2022

Congratulations to Guy Gélinas for winning the Regional Elimination with Watson's All-In Ranger.

August 28 2022


Here's your top 6 dogs for the Regional Elimination. Congrats to all


  1. Watson's All-In Ranger​​

  2. Peter Gunn's All-In Jazz

  3. Jodi Vom Cohansey

  4. Watson's Belle Plains Flash

  5. DuPlaton Sweet Pea

  6. Django Des Belles Plaines

August 27, 2022


Congratulations to Michel Duhamel on his first placement with Zoey. Zoey finished first in his first competition at Vankleek Hill on August 27, 2022

 August 15 2022


High point dogs standings are update. for 2022. Congratulations to Etienne Lavoie with Du Platon Prince Eddy. Eddy finish first with 19 points for the Open category. In the Amateur category, two dogs finished first with 11 points. Congratulations to Huguay Michaudville with Jodi Vom Cohansey and to Luc-André Lévesque with Alpha Belle de Chambois.

May 11 2021


Please note that the trials which were to take place in Vankleek Hill on May 15 and 16, 2021 and in Mirabel on May 29 and 30, 2021 are canceled due to restrictions related to COVID. Please contact the chairman if you want to pull out your dogs from the competition.

July 1 2020

We are excited to inform all our members that most trials are back on . Please check the calendar of events and our facebook page also. We are working hard to ensure we can safely run these trials.

March 2020

Guy Gelinas and Jazz capture their first National title and win the Quail Invitational in Florida. This is the first National Champion in Canada. Congratulations Guy and Jazz!